HONLE Brand High Reliable LED Display Backup UPS

HONLE Brand High Reliable LED Display Backup UPS

A800 series UPS is the fifth generation of power-frequency pure online type intelligent UPS developed by adopting digital technology
Product description


A800 series UPS is the fifth generation of power-frequency pure online type intelligent UPS developed by adopting digital technology, it meets the high reliability requirements of China power grid situation,network systems and medical systems. It adopts online type dual-conversion topological structure, to completely eliminate all kinds of interference of power grid; AC/DC input is designed with harmonic suppressor that fully eliminate the interference of UPS to the power grid; DC/AC converter adopts SPWM technology, IGBT power module and output insulating transformer so that the output of UPS is a pure sine wave power supply with stable frequency and voltage, free of noise, free of interference from power grid fluctuation, and low distortion.


It is applicable for various fields such as financial industry, telecommunications, securities business, tax administration, traffic, insurance industry, the government, enterprises, etc.

Technical index

InputVoltage range220VAC±25%/380VAC±20%
Frequency range50(60)HZ±5%
Phase no.Single-phase +GND
OutputWaveformPure sine wave
Voltage stability±1%
Frequency stability±0.5%(battery power supply)
Waveform distortion<3% linear load; <5% non-linear load
BatteryBattery typeLead-acid battery of maintenance free
DC voltage48V DC192V DC
Battery number4pcs16pcs
SystemControl modePWM(pulse width modulation)
Overload capacityOverload 125% for 10min, overload 150% for 1s
Power factor0.7 lag
Conversion time0ms
LCD displayInput/output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load power, temperature inside, working status
LED indicatorUtility power, inverse conversion, bypass, battery, overload, abnormal
Functions of Rs232
communication software
1.Power status analysis
2.Timing switch on/off UPS system
3.Monitoring of UPS
4.Message alarm and sending text messages
5.Automatic save of historical records
ProtectionSurge protectionIn conformity with the standard IEEE527
Noise signal protectionIn conformity with the standard FCC.A
Noise<55dB (1M from the machine)
Humidity20%-90%,no dew
Dim. of equipmentN.T.(no battery)35kg57kg68kg62kg66kg100kg110kg

Note: the product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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