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Voltage Regulator Capacity
Jan 13, 2017

Regulator capacity in VA (VA) or kVA (KVA) values, is loaded in addition to pure resistive loads, but also inductive and capacitive load, that load in addition to the active power, reactive power. This reflects AC regulated power supply with inductive and capacitive load capability.

AC power supply, the load power factor COS PHI 0.8, when the product is 1KW output power (with resistive load) Max 800W. If the product is used when 1KW (COS PHI 0.8), active power 1KW output, output power of S=1000/0.8=1250VA. Load power factor value is smaller, says power devices meet the ability of reactive load.

G. Exchange regulator device of parameter also has output power, and entered frequency, and source frequency effect, and random deviation (time drift), and no-load entered power, and source power factors (this value and load power factors different, hope more big more good, maximum for 1), and source current relative harmonic content, and audio noise, items, three-phase exchange regulator power, also has three-phase output voltage not balance degrees,, these pointer of defined and the test method can reference about standard.

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