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Transformer Nature Of Work
Aug 09, 2017

According to the nature of maintenance work, transformer overhaul is divided into overhaul and minor repairs. Accustomed to oil-immersed transformers usually need to put the core (or hanging open bell) for overhaul is called overhaul; if you do not need to put oil, not hanging the core (hanging Bell), transformer only in the external maintenance or replenishment, oil treatment is called a minor repair.

(1) The transformer overhaul cycle should be more than 10 years generally. The transformer in the operation of the failure, or in the preventive test found abnormal, according to the need to advance the maintenance of the core.

(2) According to the structural characteristics and manufacturing conditions of transformers, as well as the impact of the operation of the short-circuit fault current, transformer as well as the daily load situation and the previous electrical test and oil analysis data, etc., may be arranged in advance overhaul or extended overhaul interval. For example, a fully sealed transformer in general only in serious leakage of the main body or determine the internal failure of the overhaul.

(3) The load tap changer of the transformer meets the operation times specified by the manufacturer, transformer or when the defects are found, the load tap changer should be overhauled.

1, the transformer in operation should check and part of the oil leakage phenomenon, transformer the transformer body no water, to prevent moisture and air into the transformer caused transformer insulation damage.

2. The oil seal of the respirator of the transformer should keep a certain oil level and keep it unblocked, and the desiccant will keep dry, so that the moisture absorption effect is good.

3, regular inspection to ensure that the transformer explosion-proof film, transformer safe release valve intact, to prevent direct connectivity with the air, transformer resulting in the transformer oil content of water increased, so that the oil insulation performance deterioration.

4, in the replenishment of the transformer, should pay attention to oil storage cabinets in the quality of qualified, to prevent oil pollution caused by deterioration, and prohibit the bottom of the transformer oil tank, to prevent the air and tank bottom impurities into the transformer body, especially to prevent metal impurities into the transformer inside.

5, when the light gas protection movement after the signal, transformer to check the gas in time to ascertain the composition, and take oil samples for chromatographic analysis, to identify the cause, timely exclusion.

6, the operation of the transformer light gas protection, should be a reliable input, do not allow the protection of the transformer to put into operation, if the work needs to be protected short time to deactivate, transformer then should have measures, should be restored immediately afterwards.

7, to the transformer winding temperature, the upper oil temperature to focus on monitoring, transformer when approaching the alarm temperature, the load, cooler and ambient temperature, such as a timely comparison of comprehensive analysis, and effective control, to achieve timely detection of internal potential transformer faults.

8, the oil flow indicator position to be carefully inspected, once the discovery of the submersible oil pump shutdown to open in time, otherwise the oil temperature will soon rise threat Transformers safe operation.

9, often check the transformer arrester action recorder, transformer and do a good job record, found that the surge arrester action, should try to stop the transformer and check.

10, to the transformer body oil-like hole bolts to focus on inspection, to prevent maintenance personnel after sampling did not tighten the oil leakage.

11, the transformer internal fault tripping, should be removed as soon as possible oil pump, stop the pump operation, to avoid the failure to produce free, metal particles and other impurities into the transformer's non-fault part.

12, prevent the transformer coil temperature is too high, transformer insulation deterioration and burnout. Reasonable control of the top oil temperature and temperature rise in operation. Especially for the forced oil circulating cooling transformers, when the upper oil temperature rise above the allowable value should be quickly controlled load, oil temperature and temperature rise in the specified range, transformer or transformer down load operation. During the transformer overload operation, transformer it is also necessary to closely monitor its oil temperature and temperature rise within the specified value, transformer and to compress the load as far as possible, to reduce the time to run over load, to prevent the long-term high-temperature operation caused insulation accelerated aging.

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