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Transformer Modification Overhaul
Oct 26, 2017

Transformer repair, can be divided into two categories: restorative maintenance and renovation of the maintenance.

 The task of restorative maintenance is to carry out thorough inspections, transformer to eliminate known defects, to replace the seal pads and to replace certain parts according to the original specifications, to deal with leakage, etc., the original design of the structure has not changed

In addition to the above-mentioned items, transformer together with the update components or rewinding coil, the original design of the structure of some improvements.

Which type of maintenance, according to the structural characteristics of the transformer, running history and symptoms such as the specific circumstances to be set, transformer in general, the mid-80s before the product should be considered for renovation.

1. To prevent damage to the transformer core insulation aging. Core insulation aging or clamping bolt casing damage, will make a large core eddy current, causing long-term heat caused by iron core insulation aging.

2. Ensure that the wire is in good contact. transformer Poor contact inside the coil, the connection between the coil, lead to the high and low pressure side of the casing contact, and the tap on the fulcrum contact bad, will produce local overheating, damage insulation, short circuit or open circuit. At this point the resulting high-temperature arc will make the insulating oil decomposition, transformer resulting in a large number of gases, transformer pressure plus. When the pressure exceeds the value of the protection of the gas breaker without tripping, it will explode.

Transformer is a "static electrical" argument is relative to the rotating motor, because "the transformer is no moving parts of the electrical equipment." But if that "the transformer is no moving parts or the main components are still, it is not true." Fans, pumps, on-load tap-changers, transformer oil flow relays, thermometers, oil level tables and so on are moving parts, the main components of the core and the coil are also running in the move. For example: plus no-load voltage, you hear the "buzzing" sound, this is because the core piece is moving; coil normal operation in the vibration, short circuit occurs, the vibration is greater, transformer may produce a few mm displacement. Therefore, the "transformer is a static appliance, so do not need to maintain" argument, the premise is not established.

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