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Transformer Market Analysis
Aug 18, 2017

Transformer products, including power transformers, special transformers, transformers, reactors and regulators five categories, it is transmission, substation, power distribution equipment, one of the main equipment.

Since the founding of the PRC, China's transformer manufacturing industry from scratch, the transformer manufacturing industry has been rapid development. With a certain scale of nearly 1,000 enterprises, can manufacture transformers, transformers, reactors, regulators and ancillary components and other products, the annual output of about 140 million kVA, the output value of nearly 80 billion profit manufacturing. According to 1998 statistics, the total output of the transformer 13383 million kVA, the annual output of 20 million kV of a business, the annual output of 1000 to 20 million kVA enterprises have two, the annual output of 200 to 600 million kVA enterprises have 11 , The annual output of 100 to 200 million kVA enterprises have 14, the total output of 50 to 100 million kVA enterprises have 22. The total output of the 50 enterprises of the transformer is about 84% of the total output of the transformer.

In the reform and opening up situation, the transformer manufacturing industry has developed vigorously, new production enterprises continue to emerge, the scale of production continues to expand. However, in recent years, low-level redundant construction is more serious, the joint venture gradually increased, coupled with the increase in imports, market competition is fierce.

At present, the production capacity of the whole industry greatly exceeds the market demand. In order to develop in the fierce market competition, the transformer industry must make great efforts in the development of new products, to the safe, reliable, intelligent, low loss, low noise, light weight, large Capacity direction to meet the needs of different users. Large-scale transformer to the ultra-high pressure, large capacity direction. During the fifteenth period, mainly to develop product varieties as the goal, vigorously carry out asset optimization portfolio to meet the domestic and foreign demand for the two major markets.

China's transformer exports mainly in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and neighboring countries. In the import transformer products, high voltage, high-capacity transformers still occupy a large proportion of the domestic use of 500kV transformer about 2/3 of the products for imported products, domestic 500kV transformer only 1 / Transformer annual export production were 14.83 million kVA, 7.74 million kVA, 5.26 million kVA, 11.35 million kVA, the annual export value of 4 to 600 million yuan, exports 4300-69 million US dollars. This report for the transformer industry, made a more detailed exposition, justification, it is worth learning.

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