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Transformer Gradually Promoted
Oct 18, 2017

Winding deformation is a safe operation of the transformer a major risk. This paper introduces the principle of frequency response analysis to test the deformation of transformer winding, transformer summarizes the precautions in field application of frequency response analysis, and provides application examples of frequency response method to test winding deformation.

Transformer is the main core equipment in the power grid, transformer its security situation for the safe operation of the entire system has a pivotal position, transformer and from the transformer accident situation, many are accompanied by winding deformation, or even due to winding deformation caused.

In the operation of the transformer will inevitably suffer from a variety of short-circuit fault current impact, especially the export short circuit and short-circuit short-circuit the greatest harm to the transformer, transformer the transformer winding will bear a huge, uneven axial and radial electric stress.

When the winding internal mechanical structure there is a weak link, will inevitably produce winding deformation phenomenon. Including axial, radial size change, body displacement, transformer turn short circuit and winding distortion, drum package and so on.

(1), the transformer is immediately damaged. I have a 110kv transformer in the near-area short-circuit, after the success of more than 20 seconds after the gas action, after the inspection winding deformation,

(2), due to the deformation of the winding, transformer causing the transformer insulation material damage or insulation distance changes, resulting in decreased dielectric strength, in the long-term normal voltage or over-voltage effect, may eventually lead to insulation breakdown, transformer such cases can be electrical test and Oil test and other conventional methods to detect the insulation defects;

(3), the deformation of the winding, the insulation condition is not damaged, but the mechanical strength of the coil decreased, when again suffered short-circuit fault, will not withstand the huge electric power and damage, transformer such cases because the insulation is not damaged, conventional electrical test And oil test does not reflect the problem, only through the winding deformation test means to get the correct conclusion.

At the same time, this situation is also common, transformer because many of the transformer will not only suffer a short circuit on the damage, and the operation of the transformer may have suffered multiple short-circuit impact, mechanical strength has declined, transformer or even a slight deformation, but due to conventional tests Can not detect its internal deformation of the fault, before the overhaul is unable to judge its status, is a serious accident.

Transformer winding deformation testing technology is in recent years to gradually promote the new technology, but we have carried out the work of the situation, the technology can be found in those problems with the transformer, transformer to prevent the occurrence of transformer accidents have an important role ;

Can avoid unnecessary hanging and overhaul, save a lot of manpower, material resources, we push the transformer state maintenance of the necessary technical assurance. transformer But the transformer winding deformation test, after all, is a detection method.

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