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Switching Regulator Introduced
Jan 13, 2017

Switching regulator using the output level, repeat the switch "on" and "off" State, and the energy storage components (capacitors and inductors) to produce output voltage. It is adjusted through samples based on feedback from the output voltage to adjust the switching time to implement. In a fixed frequency regulator, by adjusting the switching voltage switch pulse width to adjust timing, this is known as the PWM control. In a gated oscillators or pulse mode regulator, switching pulse width and frequency remains constant, but the output switch "on" or "off" by the feedback control.

According to the arrangement of the switches and the energy storage components, can be greater than or less than the input voltage to the output voltage, and multiple output voltages can be produced by a regulator. In most cases, at the request of the same input voltage and output voltage, pulse (blood pressure) switching regulator switching power is more efficient than linear regulator. ---High accuracy AC compensated compensated regulated power supply (single phase 0.5kVA kV and above, 1.5kVA and above) compensating transformers 110V output.

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