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Power Distribution Equipment Safe And Reliable
Sep 28, 2017

The safe operation and service life of dry-type transformers is largely dependent on the safety and reliability of transformer winding insulation. Power Distribution Equipment The temperature of the winding exceeds the insulation withstand temperature to make the insulation aging, thus affecting its service life. It is one of the main reasons for the dry-type transformer to work normally. Therefore, Power Distribution Equipment it is very important to monitor the operation temperature of the transformer and its alarm control.

Dry-type transformers should operate at rated capacity and allow overload operation in a short period of time without affecting their life. For indoor transformers, Power Distribution Equipment the overload value should not exceed 20%. Under normal circumstances, the transformer load should be maintained at about 85% of the rated capacity is better. When the transformer is overloaded, it is important to monitor its operating temperature. If the temperature rises by 155 ° C (with alarm), the load shedding measures (minus some secondary loads) should be taken to ensure that the insulation of the dry- influences.

Because the operating temperature is directly related to the life of the dry-type transformers, the distribution operator should focus on the maintenance of the fan automatic control system, over-temperature alarm, trip system and temperature display system. Although the dry-type transformer moisture is better, but the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the insulation surface, so that along the surface flashover voltage decreases, the dust in the wet weather will appear pollution flash phenomenon. Therefore, dust should be regularly checked and checked for signs of discharge. Dry-type transformers in the operation but also pay attention to check whether the sound, Power Distribution Equipment bus connection cable with or without abnormal circumstances, abnormal phenomenon found in time to avoid accidents.

Power capacitors in the distribution system is mainly used to compensate for reactive power, improve the power factor. Most of the load in the power supply system is inductive, and the inductor current is usually behind the voltage of 90 °. If the power capacitor is connected to the power supply system, a capacitor current is generated in the circuit, which is ahead of the voltage of 90 ° Of the voltage, Power Distribution Equipment the current on the inductor and the current direction of the capacitor is just the opposite, thus offsetting a part of the inductive current or compensation for a part of the reactive current

In the use of power capacitors, we must pay attention to its safe operation and economic operation. It is particularly noteworthy that the power capacitor should operate at rated voltage, Power Distribution Equipment not exceeding 1.05 times the rated value, but allow to run for 4 hours at 1.1 times the rated voltage. If the capacitor voltage exceeds 1.1 times the rated value, The When the voltage is too high will make the power capacitor overload, resulting in internal components overheating or breakdown of the accident. Power Distribution Equipment On the other hand should avoid over-compensation or power equipment to stop running after the reactive power caused by the power loss.

Power capacitor running the general ambient temperature between -20 ~ +45 ℃, if the temperature is too high or too low, easy to cause the power capacitor bulging, oil and other phenomena, and to ensure that indoor humidity shall not exceed 80%.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the power capacitor in the operation, Power Distribution Equipment due to changes in power supply load voltage fluctuations, in order to ensure the safe operation of the automatic switching device should be used, such as automatic failure can be used manually, Power Distribution Equipment which requires the operator to load according to the situation, There has been compensated or reactive phenomenon.

Transformer is a special transformer, Power Distribution Equipment it is the use of electromagnetic induction principle of the work, its role is to a circuit of high voltage, high current into the secondary circuit of low voltage, small current, the instrument and protection device standardization and So that the secondary equipment and high voltage isolation to ensure personal and equipment safety.

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