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Power Distribution Equipment Research And Analysis
Jul 01, 2017

Low-voltage power distribution equipment is the following 1 kV power distribution equipment, Power Distribution Equipment is China's factories and mines and public places and other places of electricity, must use the installation of electrical equipment, its application in the community is very wide, low-voltage power distribution equipment In the operation requires people to operate with people's contact is also very frequent, Power Distribution Equipment so the normal operation of low-voltage power distribution equipment and routine maintenance of human life and property safety is essential. This paper focuses on the current operation of low-voltage equipment and maintenance aspects of research and analysis.

The application of low-voltage power distribution equipment, its application is very broad, like people's daily life and work electricity and so can not do without it, Power Distribution Equipment but on the low-voltage power distribution equipment model is very complex, but However, the main components of the operation of the equipment are inseparable from the major power distribution equipment to participate in the operation of its main equipment needs more major equipment, the following author mainly describes the basic structure of the distribution equipment commonly used, Power Distribution Equipment operational safety and Its future development trend, as follows.

 First, low-voltage power distribution equipment, most of the need to be equipped with a special low-voltage power distribution room, for example, high voltage is more than 1 kV transmission lines need to be converted, it will first make the transformer substation, The final realization of the high-voltage power supply is converted to 1 kV below the low-voltage power supply, and then let these low-voltage power supply through the low-voltage power distribution equipment to the power supply to the power equipment, and finally the low-voltage electrical equipment to normal operation. In which the low-voltage power distribution equipment is played a role, Power Distribution Equipment because its main job is to convert the current distribution to the electrical equipment, so the cable in the entire distribution process is its must Less one of the main operating conditions. Because the cable for low-voltage distribution has a very important role, so the government for low-voltage distribution of cable selection also has certain requirements, the selection of cables need to go through national certification, in line with the standard cable.

Second, the low-voltage distribution cabinet is equipped with low-voltage power distribution equipment will be concentrated in the cabinet, used to protect the safe operation of low-voltage power distribution equipment, such as low-voltage cabinet in the low-voltage circuit breakers, low voltage circuit breaker Automatic switch, its role is to connect and disconnect the low-voltage distribution cabinet and electrical equipment switching system, Power Distribution Equipment while the electrical equipment overload overvoltage protection. In addition, low-voltage distribution cabinet also has another important function, that is, grounding protection system, the system can ensure the safe use of electricity systems.

Third, the indicator system and voltage and current display system. They can not only clearly indicate the operation of the equipment, but also the voltage and current measurement of the actual value can be indicated. In the entire low-voltage distribution system, these systems are essential to the basic equipment, Power Distribution Equipment they cooperate with each other, are unable to work together to complete the distribution task.

The first element of regular equipment maintenance is to ensure that the distribution system is completely connected with the high-pressure system, and after the completion of the operation also need a special discharge rod for discharge, to ensure that the device can not be carried out before the next step. Equipment maintenance First step first of all inside and outside the equipment to clean the health, and in the cleaning process should also be careful not to use a damp cloth to wipe the device, only with a dry cloth to wipe it, in case of wiping can not touch the corner or Other places, you can use the hair dryer will not be easy to rub the place to clean, Power Distribution Equipment to ensure that the overall equipment clean and health, to ensure that the equipment heat in a good state. In addition, the maintenance of the insulation of the low-voltage power distribution equipment also requires careful treatment, first of all need to be alcohol wipe to ensure that insulation is effective, followed by manual separation of the connection site, the maintenance of this place we can use lubricating oil lubrication , So that after the addition of lubricants, for the follow-up operation in the operation, it will become more flexible and reliable. Power Distribution Equipment If the mechanical contact surface of the disconnector is poorly connected, it is necessary to adjust the contact surface. The connecting mechanism, the line connection, the outlet part of the need to tighten the screws, Power Distribution Equipment the operation attention to tightening the intensity, to avoid the phenomenon of slippery wire and so on.

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