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Power Distribution Equipment Main Work Content
May 15, 2017

For the maintenance of high pressure equipment, Power Distribution Equipment the main work content of distribution equipment can be divided into two parts:

First, according to the operation of the machine implementation overhaul countermeasures;

The second duty personnel according to the equipment situation monitoring and operation, only completes these two parts, can promote the high-pressure equipment normal operation.

1. Improve the electrical equipment Power Distribution Equipment maintenance procedure

First of all, for the faulty electrical equipment, do not disassemble prematurely, ask the operators concerned first, understand the cause of failure and the specific phenomena. For the electrical equipment with heavier pollution, to clean the contact point, the junction point, the button, and then check the external control key if there is a malfunction.

This is because many faults are caused by conductive dust block and dirt blocking, after cleaning, can be ruled out; Secondly, before maintenance, we should observe whether there is defects or cracks outside the equipment, after understanding the service life and maintenance history, and then inspect the machine carefully.

After troubleshooting the outside of the device, it is determined that the disassembly can be implemented after the failure factor.

Finally, the failure rate of the power Power Distribution Equipment supply part of the faulty device is higher, so it is necessary to power the equipment without power. According to electrical equipment fuse, thermal relay contactor, Button good or bad, to judge the situation of fault, and then carry on the power test, according to the parameters, listen to the sound of judgement failure, can determine the fault location as soon as possible, and implement targeted repairs.

2. The focus and strategy of the Power Distribution Equipment overhaul based on the failure consequence

If the analysis of a device, there may be many problems, although various failures can affect the smooth operation of the equipment, but there are different degrees of impact. Some faults affect the indication of the working state of the equipment, some influence the electro-acoustic index of the equipment, some influence the amplitude of the equipment or output power, and some faults can cause the equipment to stop running.

Because the influence of different Power Distribution Equipment faults on the equipment is very different, it is necessary to choose a variety of solutions in the face of different faults.

However, in practical work, staff often Power Distribution Equipment cannot distinguish the severity of the fault, resulting in maintenance work has a certain blindness. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should always remember that the goal of preventive maintenance work is to eliminate, reduce and avoid the consequences of failure, so that the machine can be scientifically repaired.

3. Dismantling or replacing components

As far as possible, the use of Power Distribution Equipment some parts, the time and reliability of a certain relationship between them, so in the period of the hidden fault, it will be replaced and overhaul, it is able to prevent failure. However, for parts that do not have an important relationship between the use of time and reliability, the timing of replacement or overhaul can not improve the performance of the machine.

In the actual work, some maintenance personnel originally wanted to avoid malfunction and do a regular replacement or repair work, but because of the hasty replacement or demolition, resulting in failure, so the staff should be cautious to replace or overhaul work, lest there are other problems.

4. The maintenance, cleaning, Power Distribution Equipment inspection of components is the main content of preventive overhaul

Because of the current high-voltage equipment automation system constantly updated, its operating procedures are increasingly simplified, and the transmitter operating status of supervision and control gradually rely on the automation control system, staff can see fewer parts.

In the past can be detected by Power Distribution Equipment listening, meter reading, patrol and other work can be found abnormal situation, now must be through repair work to discover.

In the overhaul to pay attention Power Distribution Equipment to the performance of the components of the inspection, for example, there is no leakage oil, leakage, there is no pin shedding, there is no spark traces, resonators contacts, insurance clips, the connection of the large current has no overheating discoloration, these after the surface observation can be seen.

However, in the course of maintenance, some staff members will often ignore these minor changes, so that failure to repair timely. Therefore, in order to strengthen the meticulous work, so that staff can find fault at the first time.

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