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Power Distribution Equipment Fault Nature
Jul 12, 2017

Winding: due to damage during the maintenance of the transformer insulation, Power Distribution Equipment or transformer cooling is not good, insulation oil aging or oil surface is too low breakdown winding, short circuit impact and other reasons, so that the winding turns short circuit, Power Distribution Equipment phase short circuit, winding ground, winding Disconnection and other fault phenomena occur, most of these failures will be accompanied by transformer overheating, oil temperature, abnormal sound phenomenon. As the transformer inner winding failure, the resulting arc caused by the violent vaporization of insulating material, Power Distribution Equipment if not timely spray oil, the internal pressure is too large will explode.

 Insulation Sleeve: Seal is not good, the body is damp, the external force is damaged or there is a foreign body on the top cover. The insulation sleeve is broken under external force, Power Distribution Equipment the surface is flashing, the casing rubber is leaking, the casing is discharged, Power Distribution Equipment Of the conductive rod ignition, casing crimp or wiring board difficult to make the casing cap broken, as well as the aging of the seal pad moisture so that the insulating oil cushion cracking, Power Distribution Equipment external damage, long-term oil leakage, casing attached to the sewage Material and was punctured, etc., making the casing can not be used.

Tap changer: the connection screw loose, the connector at the poor insulation, contact contact is not good, there is no adjustment in place and other reasons, Power Distribution Equipment making the joint surface melting and burning, the tap switch discharge ignition

Transformer ignition: due to casing damage and flashover, the transformer oil out and at the top of the transformer; transformer internal failure or radiator rupture, burning oil overflow transformer; Power Distribution Equipment transformer secondary outlet short-circuit ignition ignition of the transformer body.

 Fuel injection explosion: mostly because the transformer internal short circuit arc, the transformer internal broken arc or transformer oil caused by short-circuit caused by short-circuit arc. Power Distribution Equipment In the event of a malfunction, it is often accompanied by an increase in oil temperature and an abnormal sound.

In the event of transformer failure, should be based on the fault phenomenon, the transformer load conditions and transformer maintenance, etc., to determine the type of failure, Power Distribution Equipment the timely power outages.

 Fuse tube burning: fuse fuse, the fuse can not fall freely, Power Distribution Equipment the arc is not cut in the tube to form a continuous arc and the tube burned, the fuse tube due to the upper and lower part of the positive resistance is not positive, not flexible, or The use of aluminum, Power Distribution Equipment copper, wire and other wire instead of the fuse, resulting in the top of the fuse can not be broken, and then burn the tube.

Fuse tube wrong drop: the size of the installation of the fuse tube is not appropriate, the upper and lower contacts can not be normal with the static contact spring pressure or pressure is too small or too large, Power Distribution Equipment the contact can not burn the contact contact

Fuse broken: the use of the fuse has broken wire phenomenon, the fuse capacity is insufficient, the fuse quality is not qualified, welding broken, welding in the external force under the disconnect.

In the event of a drop insurance failure, Power Distribution Equipment the distance of the fuse tube, the tightness of the tongue and the compression spring should be adjusted according to the nature of the fault, or the new drop group should be replaced.

Due to grounding flat iron or round steel rust, Power Distribution Equipment grounding body was pulled up, grounding bolts lost, making the equipment can not run properly phase voltage imbalance. Found fault should be power outage repair, and measurement of ground resistance after passing into operation.

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