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Power Distribution Equipment Explosion-proof Installation Requirements
Nov 02, 2017

Power distribution equipment is a general term for high voltage power distribution cabinet, generator, transformer, power line, circuit breaker, low voltage switch cabinet, switchboard, switch box, control box and other equipment in power system.

Installation requirements of explosion-proof distribution equipment

1. Requirements for the installation path of explosion-proof distribution box line:

(1) the path of the main road of explosion-proof distribution box is as easy as possible. The topography is not complicated and the investment is less.

(2) try to minimize the use of farmland, avoid low-lying areas, easy to rush, ground subsidence, unstable slope and other geological hazards K domains. Avoid places that are easily touched by vehicles;

(3) avoid the production and storage sites of inflammable and dangerous goods.

(4) it is convenient to set up the electric circuit of the explosion-proof distribution box in the convenient place of transportation and to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the construction road.

(5) the path selection should take care of the importance of the house. We should also consider the planning of urban planning and power grid in the future, and also keep a certain width for future development.

2. The explosion-proof distribution box line should avoid the following premises

(1) national memorial, tablet and similar places of interest planning.

(2) premises for building yards and forested areas;

(3) mountain flood and flood. It is not easy to pass the mountain river, lake and the basic unstable geological hazards area.

(4) hazardous materials of inflammable and flammable materials: the site of wide storage and the production of corrosive gases, liquids and polluted and polluted places.

Three, explosion-proof double head should avoid the following places

(1) places that impede traffic or obstruct the view of the text:

(2) the slope of the railway children's land and roadbed.

(3) underground pipelines, tunnels, power cables, communication cables and other underground facilities.

(4) buildings and tunnel exits and vehicles are frequently subject to collision.

(5) adjacent to the riverbank, the water discipline, the sand, the marsh and the spring pool.

Requirements for height and depth of electric poles

Pole height should be according to the geographical location, pole buried depth, the electric wire arc, wire to the ground (the road) to determine the vertical safety distance of explosion-proof double emergency light, can use our power safety formula to calculate.

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