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Power Distribution Equipment Analysis Of Measures
Jun 05, 2017

Power Distribution Equipment The distribution line equipment is the terminal of the input and output of the power system, which plays a very important role in the power systems and occupies a certain dominant position. It has a wide range, point, long line and complex characteristics, Power Distribution Equipment its normal operation of people's production, life and the development of agriculture and industry plays an important role, but it is susceptible to external factors and the impact of failure, and the probability of failure is more frequent. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure its normal operation and reduce the occurrence of failure rate. Power Distribution Equipment In the following, we will analyze the problems of distribution line equipment and the countermeasures according to the faults of the 10kV distribution line equipments frequently.

1 common breakdowns of distribution line equipment

Because the general power grid uses 10kV distribution lines, and it has practicability and economy, this paper analyzes the problems of the 10kV distribution line equipment. Because it uses the tower type overhead transportation, therefore receives the outside influence many factors, Power Distribution Equipment like the climatic condition, the environment or the geographical location and so on. According to the statistics of power distribution system data, the factors that lead to the fault of distribution line equipment mainly include the reasons of electrical equipment itself, external factors and improper management of distribution equipment.

1.1 Electrical Equipment reasons

The distribution line fault caused by the electrical equipment itself causes not only the power failure, the damage of the equipment, but also the problems such as overcurrent, grounding and tripping. There are also many reasons for the failure of power distribution equipment caused by overcurrent, due to the aging of equipment, perennial use of maintenance, poor wire contact, artificial causes or excessive load, overload and the failure of the line to transform the line will lead to short circuit, or spontaneous combustion caused by the occurrence of overcurrent, Power Distribution Equipment and the distribution equipment failure. The fault of the distribution equipment caused by grounding includes the unreasonable grounding of the arrester, cause the resistance is too large to go deep underground, because Lightning arrester is not immediately replaced by a new grounding caused by the lightening, or unreasonable discharge, insulating skin rupture, aging or breakdown, due to low insulation capacity caused by short-circuit or grounding. The power distribution equipment faults caused by the instantaneous tripping are: The arc short circuit caused by unreasonable or careless operation, Power Distribution Equipment the transformer's own bad quality or the foreign body, the damage of the porcelain vase or the Lightning arrester in the rainy season, will cause the power distribution equipment instantaneous trip power outage.

1.2 External factors

External factors will also lead to electrical equipment over current, grounding or instantaneous tripping problems, such as the presence of external branches or suspended objects or because of the impact of vehicles will lead to short-circuit of distribution lines and the occurrence of current; Power Distribution Equipment Because the branches fall or grow without timely cleaning or pruning, flying kites caused by the suspension or animal intrusion, and so on, will cause the line short-circuit caused grounding; because of the felling of trees and do not do line protection measures, causing the tree to break down the power distribution lines or because of strong external forces on the tower or the impact of the tower, or the failure Because the animal climbs and so on will cause the transformer short-circuit to cause the instantaneous tripping occurrence.

1.3 Distribution Equipment Management factors

For distribution system management requirements are very high, the need for staff to have a high technical connotation and quality, because the staff patrol is not responsible, Power Distribution Equipment the inspection is not comprehensive, overhaul or the line replacement is not timely and other factors will lead to the distribution line equipment damage, resulting in grounding, short-circuit and the distribution equipment failure.

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