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Electric Components Reasonable Selection
Jul 01, 2017

(1) knife switch knife switch for circuit isolation, but also connected with the breaking circuit rated current. The knife switch has a high current knife switch, Electric Components a load switch and a fuse switch with a fuse. Select the type of load in accordance with the choice of capacity, as far as possible rational use. Electric Components Often selected by the load capacity of 1.5 times. Use and maintenance, Electric Components pay attention to the state of the blade and the blade, such as blade blade contact is tight, spring and flexible card board contact with the appropriate state, whether the spring relaxation. According to its state to adjust or replace.

The depth of the blade into the blade should be adjusted so that when the blade is in the fully engaged position, the depth of the exposed portion of the blade contact surface of the knife switch with the lever operating blade does not exceed 3 mm. The entire contact portion of the blade is completely embedded in the blade. Electric Components The blade from the contact blade pull out the different period of not more than 3mm. Maintenance mainly for the blade and the blade surface to see whether the dirt, dust and sintered metal particles should be cleaned. Electric Components Such as blade blade has serious corrosion, singeing or blade singeing, etc. should be replaced.

(2) Automatic air switch Automatic air switch Used as AC, DC circuit overload, Electric Components short circuit or under voltage protection or not frequent on-off circuit. Select the air switch capacity by the experience by the load current multiplied by 1.3 times the coefficient.

Use the service to pay attention to: contact with the wire between the contact is good, pressure relief, over-current release and its institutions are flexible and reliable. Electric Components Running with no noise and overheating. Which can provide a basis for maintenance work. Replacement should also maintain the original design parameters and installation

Check the maintenance of the points are: the air switch of the moving contact, static contact contact with or without burning or sintering damage; static contact with the wire connection point screw connection is reliable, with or without loose, burning black damage, Whether the shell is burned or damaged; the voltage relief release, over-current release coil, spring, connecting rod and other institutions are normal; Electric Components check the core of the working surface and the circuit ring for damage; adjust the heat setting trip mechanism Its action sensitive and reliable. Electric Components  There is no mechanical stuck, lost, broken and other institutional issues

  (3) AC contactor. AC contactor to use and repair should pay attention to: contactor dynamic and static contact is good and reliable contact, Electric Components with or without singeing and other defects. Is the arcing hood, electromagnet and coil good, with or without severe heat, charred plastic shell and noise. Electric Components Replacement should retain the original design parameters and capacity and installation.

Check the maintenance point is: AC contactor moving and static contact with or without burning hair damage, auxiliary contact with or without damage; AC contactor is action; cut off the power or load when the pull is crisp; with or without arc; Whether the discoloration or odor; Electric Components check the contact point and the connection with the wire loose, bakelite, coil with or without color, smell.

 (4) relay control relay use and maintenance should pay attention to: the relay's dynamic and dynamic contact whether the singeing, contact is good; relay coil and shell with or without charred, burned traces. Replacement should be selected according to the original model specifications. Electric Components Replace the relay coil operating voltage and contact current value. Can be used in parallel contacts to increase the current.

 Check the maintenance relay points are: relay dynamic and static contact is good, with or without burning hair damage; can be unplugged power test, Electric Components with a multimeter to measure the dynamic contact contact; check the relay coil whether burned, charred, Contact with or without overheating, burn marks, or repair or replacement.

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