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Electric Components Parameter Requirements
Jul 25, 2017

Can meet the electrical requirements of cabinet equipment; Electric Components because the components listed on the brand name of the electrical parameters refers to: a single electrical components according to the instructions used in the normal installation of the installation of the ambient air temperature limit does not exceed +40 ℃ lower limit of not less than - Electrical parameters in the 5 ° C environment. Electric Components (If the components are installed in a closed cabinet, the ambient air temperature will be higher than +40 ℃, or the two electrical components are installed together, etc.) are required to be installed according to the electrical components of the instructions Derating treatment, Electric Components derating the electrical parameters after treatment is not necessarily able to meet the requirements.

With large-scale electrical components instead of small size electrical components, Electric Components electrical components should be different types of treatment:

A) For appliances that do not have protective functions such as isolating switches, contactors, etc., to meet the requirements of large generation.

B) For electrical components with automatic protection function, Electric Components the adjustment of the action settings can be adjusted, such as circuit breakers with electronic over-current releases, thermal relays, etc. When the action setting value can be adjusted to meet the protection function, Electric Components Small is able to meet the requirements.

C) For electrical components with automatic protection function, the adjustment of the action setting value can not be adjusted, such as molded case circuit breakers with overload thermal release, Electric Components can not meet the overload protection requirements. Electric Components For example: cm1-63, in = 40a Molded Case Circuit Breaker Overload protection characteristics: overload current of 1.3in = 1.3 × 40a = 52a in 1h must be action, if the use of cm1-63a, in = 63a instead of when the overload current 52a When never action, can not play a protective role.

1) the rated current of the circuit breaker (depending on the load rated current);

2) the protection characteristics of the circuit breaker (depending on the nature of the object to be protected, such as power distribution or control motor), Electric Components if the circuit is connected with electrical appliances such as refrigerators, Electric Components washing machines, air conditioners, Such as the choice of dz47-63 c10 circuit breaker may trip, because it is c class release, does not apply to the power circuit.

3) The rated short-circuit breaking capacity of the circuit-breaker (including the rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity and the rated operating breaking capacity) shall be consistent with the rated short-time withstand current of the low-voltage unit.

In addition to protection performance should also meet the motor starting requirements, the following options:

1) Use a circuit breaker with protection motor performance, Electric Components such as the 33002 circuit breaker in dz20, but it should be noted that the trip level should match the motor starting load.

2) the use of tripping level and the motor starting load to match the thermal relay and backup protection appliances (only short-circuit protection of electrical appliances such as the protection of the characteristics of 3200 type circuit breaker or melt for the am-type fuse) Overload protection is borne by the thermal relay, Electric Components and the short circuit protection is borne by the backup protection appliance.

3) the use of am type melt fuse or fuse rated current of 2.5 times the rated current of the motor gm fuse fuse for short circuit protection, but not overload protection.

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