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Electric Components Development Basis
Oct 26, 2017

Semiconductor microelectronics technology for modern technology, military, national economy and people's daily work and life to create an unprecedented foundation and conditions of development, Electric Components has maintained a good momentum of development, the annual output value of the semiconductor industry are generally more than 10% Increment. Electronic packaging with the circuit, devices and components produced, with its development and development, and ultimately the development of today's packaging industry. Electric Components In the ever-changing trend of electronic technology, the integrated circuit is developing rapidly in the direction of ultra-large scale, ultra-high speed, high density, high power, high precision and multi-function. Therefore, Electric Components the encapsulation of integrated circuit is also getting higher and higher Claim. The integration of integrated circuit packaging technology has greatly contributed to the improvement of the level of integrated circuits, Electric Components a profound impact on the pace of integrated circuits forward.

The semiconductor chip is only a relatively independent individual, to complete its circuit function, must be connected with other chips, external leads. As the development of modern electronic technology, the rapid increase in integration, a chip leads up to a thousand or more, signal transmission time, Electric Components signal integrity has become a very important issue. Increased integration, so that the chip on the rapid increase in energy, each chip generates more than 10J per second heat, and thus how to heat the circuit in time to work at normal temperatures, as an important issue. Some circuits work in harsh environments (water vapor, chemical media, radiation, Electric Components vibration), which requires special protection of the circuit. It can be seen, to give full play to the function of semiconductor chips, semiconductor integrated circuits and device packaging is essential. Electric Components The four main functions of electronic packaging are: ① for the semiconductor chip to provide signal input and output path; ② to provide heat path, scattered semiconductor chip heat; ③ connected to the semiconductor chip current path; ④ to provide mechanical support and environmental protection.

Electronic materials is the basis for the development of microelectronics industry, Electric Components as the main structural materials for the production of integrated circuits - epoxy molding materials with the development of chip technology is also the rapid development of plastic molding technology and the development of microelectronics industry will greatly promote the development. At present, Electric Components the integrated circuit is highly integrated, the wiring is miniaturized, the chip is large and the surface mounting technology is developed. The trend of the research and development of the plasticizer is to make the material have high purity, low stress, low expansion, low ray, Heat and other performance characteristics.

(1) in the wide temperature, frequency range, Electric Components with excellent dielectric properties

(2) has good heat resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to atmospheric, radiation resistance and heat dissipation.

(3) with the metal, non-metallic materials to match the thermal expansion coefficient, good adhesion.

(4) curing process shrinkage is small, Electric Components the size should be stable.

(5) can not pollute the surface of semiconductor devices and have good processing performance.

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