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Cable Accessories Part Surface
Sep 28, 2017

(1) shrink the heat shrinkage parts to control the flame, not too large, Cable Accessories the operation should be kept shaking, along the circumference of uniform heating, can not be aligned with a location for a long time heating, so as not to burn heat shrink parts. The flame should be fully burned, not with smoke, so that carbon particles adsorbed on the surface of heat shrinkable parts,Cable Accessories affecting performance. In the shrink pipe, generally according to the requirements from the middle to the two ends, or from one end to the other end of the contraction of uniform heating, slowly advance, so as not to shrink the pipe after the uneven thickness or interlayer folder bubble phenomenon.

(2) Stripping the cable The process should not hurt the next structural layer. Peelable semi-conductive layer can be stripped by scratch, non-strippable semi-conductive layer can be used to remove the special tool or glass scraping method, regardless of what method should be used to ensure that the removal of semi-conductive layer after the smooth , Rounded, no scratches; sanded insulation shielded sandpaper is no longer used to polish the cable insulation, treated shield fracture should not have grooves, notches or protrusions.

(3) cable accessories from stripping to complete the need for continuous operation, one-time completion, to prevent moisture.

(4) Since the heat shrinkable material has only elasticity and compressive force above the shrinkage temperature, the shrinkage of the heat shrinkable joint should not be bent and softened, Cable Accessories otherwise it will cause interlayer clearance, resulting in discharge during operation. Such as the actual application must be bent or soft, you need to bend or soft after re-heating contraction once to eliminate the bending or soft after the formation of the gap.

(5) conductor connection method should adopt the mechanical pressure connection method, such as the use of compression connection, should be used pressure compression method. Cable Accessories If the supplier has a special process requirements should be carried out in accordance with the process.

With the emery cloth to remove the armor layer and copper shielded coating, exposed metallic luster; the use of constant force spring fixed to the armor or copper shield (the ground can also use copper wire banding and fixed position, and then neutral Flux and flux in the banding position full of welding, Cable Accessories welding need to remove the burr). Such as copper shield for the copper wire shield will be used to reverse the copper wire. Where the two lines can not be shorted, armored at the contraction of a thermal ring or wound insulation self-adhesive tape.

The outer end of the cable jacket 100mm down to the bottom of the polished, wrapped in the cable at the junction filled with plastic filled, the two ground along the cable straight parallel to lead out, and the use of cable temporary fixed; set into the branch to the branch of the root , Cable Accessories From the middle of the cuff to the ends of the heating shrink.

Grinding and cleaning the core insulation layer to ensure that the surface of non-conductive particles remain in the outer semiconducting layer at the junction of the stress dispersion of plastic, lap insulation layer and the outer semiconducting layer 5mm, uniform layer in the insulating layer coated with a layer of silicone grease, Cable Accessories Should be avoided on the outer semiconducting layer. Cable Accessories Set the stress tube, overlapping semiconducting layer 40mm, heating shrinkage fixed. With the stress dispersion of the stress pipe and the insulator between the steps to fill the overlap of about 5mm. (One end of the adhesive) to the root of the finger (single-core cable is set into the cable outer jacket 60mm), from the root from bottom to top around the heating fixed. Cable Accessories If the insulation tube is too long, slightly cold after the edge of the insulation layer cut off the excess part.

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