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Cable Accessories Operational Skills
Jul 12, 2017

Cable terminals and connectors are usually in the cable laying in place after the production, requiring the construction of the cable and its terminal and connector structure, Cable Accessories the materials used should have a certain understanding, and sometimes should have some sort of operating skills to ensure the quality of installation. At present, new materials, new structures and new technologies have developed rapidly. Cable Accessories The technology of cable terminal and joint technology has been updated. Therefore, Cable Accessories it is required that the cable terminal and connector should be made or instructed by the person familiar with the process.

Cable terminals and connectors of the types and types of more, structure, Cable Accessories different materials, the required operation of the technology also have their own characteristics. The specification only put forward the basic requirements and the main quality standards, Cable Accessories the specific implementation should comply with the norms, but also according to the relevant technology to ensure the quality of installation.

Three-core cable intermediate connector, the cable armor, metal shield should each have a good electrical connection and insulation, at the cable end, the cable armor, metal shield, respectively, lead the ground wire. This connection facilitates inspection of outer sheath and lining by test

 Layer insulation, measuring the metal shield DC resistance, Cable Accessories and then determine the cable water situation. There are detailed requirements for the trial in the precautionary test procedure.

 The production of cable terminals and joints is generally in the field of cable insulation treatment, and in some way additional insulation material. Construction site environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust and other factors directly affect the insulation treatment effect, with the voltage level increases, this requirement is more and more stringent. Taking into account the construction site conditions are complex, Cable Accessories under normal circumstances do not make rigid provisions. Therefore, Cable Accessories only 6kV and above the cable outside the production of terminals and connectors in the environment in principle put forward should pay attention to the problems and treatment methods, 110kv and above the cable terminal and connector production environment is clearly defined.

Cable lines have been developed to adopt a 500 kV voltage rating. Cable Accessories Where the voltage levels are published with the corresponding international and / or national product standards. This section lists the relevant standard names and codes. Cable Accessories The annotations are not intended to emphasize that products that meet the requirements of the latest valid version should be used.

Taking into account the wide variety of cable terminals and connectors, Cable Accessories especially rubber and plastic insulated cables and their accessories developed rapidly, in order to help the site staff to choose the right and reasonable, put forward several basic principles.

Rubber and plastic insulated cable commonly used in the terminal and connector type with self-adhesive tape around the type, thermal type, prefabricated, cold shrinkage, molding, Cable Accessories flexible resin casting type.

 Heat shrinkable type is made of heat shrinkable tube such as heat shrinkable tube material, heat shrinkage branch sleeve, rain skirt and so on and matching glue in the field heat shrinkage combined into the cable terminal and joint.

 Prefabricated type is made of rubber molded parts such as stress cone, insulation sleeve (usually will be prefabricated with the rain skirt) and with other insulation parts and components, Cable Accessories or directly into one piece. Field set at the cable end of the cable terminal and connector.

The cold shrinkage type is made of high elastic rubber, Cable Accessories and some parts of the preform type are used. The high elastic rubber parts are preliminarily expanded by the expansion part, and the cable terminal (or the middle joint) made in the field according to the production process standard ) On the semi-finished products, Cable Accessories that is finished production. Installation is more convenient and to avoid the interface within the rubber parts were scratched.

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