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Cable Accessories Indispensable Components
May 15, 2017

Cable attachment is an indispensable part of cable wiring, and cables are not working without attachments. The completion of the power transmission Cable Accessories task is a cable and accessories consisting of the whole line of cable. It can be said that cable attachment is a continuation of cable function. The requirements of the cable body, such as conductor cross-section and surface characteristics, semi conductive layer, metal shielding layer, insulating layer and retaining layer, also apply to the cable attachment, Cable Accessories especially the intermediate joints, that is, the parts of the intermediate joints should correspond to all parts of the cable. The terminal is basically the same, but the external insulation is special.

Basic Essentials of power cable Cable Accessories attachment technology:

1 from the electric field distribution and improvement measures to consider (i.e. structural design), the main technology to improve the distribution of Cable Accessories electric field is to solve the problem of stress concentration on the attachment of treatment technology. The main methods are:

A. Geometric structure method, increasing the equivalent radius, i. e. the stress cone structure;

B. Electrical parameter method, Cable Accessories increasing the dielectric constant and the surface capacitance of the surrounding medium, i.e. the stress tube structure;

C. Geometric structure and electrical parameter combination method.

2 from improving the electrical Cable Accessories strength of insulation to consider (i.e. material selection and improvement). The main technologies are:

A. Elimination of possible areas of air gaps and impurities, especially in the interface of two insulating materials, impurities and gas gaps, with high resistance to electrical strength of materials replacing low-resistance materials, such as silicone filler gas gaps.

B. Increase the pressure on the Cable Accessories interface of two insulation materials to increase the resistance to electrical strength.

C. Shielding the air gap to work field strength by using a semi conductive shield, while also improving the distribution of the surface electric field.

Considerations for stripping of power cables

Outer sheath, steel armored, inner Cable Accessories sheath, copper shielding, outer half-guide stripping size.

The outer half-guide layer of the open-stripping cable is the key to the successful installation of attachments.

The insulating layer polishing sandpaper must use the insulating sandpaper (abrasive grains for silica), and remember to grind radially.

The cable filler of the intermediate Cable Accessories connector retains as much as possible and fills back.

The whole process of dealing with insulating layer should be clean and clean, and try to avoid any impurities sticking to the surface of insulating layer.

Power line and equal position line

In order to analyse the electric field of cable attachment, the electric field distribution is visualized by means of power line and equal-position line (equipotential line).

(1), the power line intersects with the equal-position right angle (orthogonal);

(2) The electric field intensity of the concentrated position is high when the electric field is analyzed with power line;

(3), when the electric field is analyzed with the equal-position line, the higher the field strength of the radius of curvature is smaller.

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