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Cable Accessories Develop Rapidly
Jun 19, 2017

Cable terminals and connectors are usually in the cable laying in place after the production, requiring the construction staff on the cable and its terminal and connector structure, Cable Accessories the materials used should have a certain understanding, and sometimes should have some sort of operating skills to ensure the quality of installation. The current new materials, new structures, Cable Accessories new technology has developed rapidly, cable terminal and connector technology is increasingly updated, so the requirements of the production of cable terminals and joints should be familiar with the process of personnel to participate or guide.

Cable terminals and connectors of the types and types of more, structure, material, the required operation of the technology also have their own characteristics. Cable Accessories This specification only put forward the basic requirements and the main quality standards, the specific implementation should comply with the norms, but also according to the relevant technology to ensure the quality of installation.

 Three-core cable middle connector, the cable armor, metal shield should each have a good electrical connection and insulation, at the cable end, the cable armor, metal shield, respectively, lead the ground wire. This connection facilitates inspection of outer sheath and lining by test

Layer insulation, measuring the metal shield DC resistance, and then determine the cable water situation. There are detailed requirements for the trial in the precautionary test procedure

The manufacture of cable terminations and joints is generally carried out in the field for cable insulation, and in some way additional insulation material. Construction site environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust and other factors directly affect the insulation treatment effect, with the voltage level increases, this requirement is more and more stringent. Taking into account the construction site conditions are complex, under normal circumstances do not make rigid provisions. Therefore, Cable Accessories only 6kV and above the cable outside the production of terminals and connectors in the environment in principle put forward should pay attention to the problems and treatment methods, 110kv and above the cable terminal and connector production environment is clearly defined.

Cable lines have been developed to use 500kV voltage level. Where the voltage levels are published with the corresponding international and / or national product standards. This section lists the relevant standard names and codes. The annotations are not intended to emphasize that products that meet the requirements of the latest valid version should be used.

 Cable wire core connection is an important part of the cable terminal and connector, connecting the fittings, crimping pliers and the selection of the mold directly affect the connection quality. Rubber and plastic insulated cable core is generally circular crush wire core, Cable Accessories and its supporting the connection of gold has been standardized, but in the choice of fittings should still be given special attention to select the correct specifications of qualified products to ensure the quality of the connection to avoid overheating in operation The

The operation of the plastic insulated cable inside the water will result in the production of water within the insulation tree, which will seriously affect the service life and should be avoided as far as possible, in particular to prevent water from the cable end. Cable Accessories To determine whether the rubber insulated cable is damp water, there is no simple and reliable method, only intuitive to check whether there are some signs of water, such as the core there is no water trace, copper shield with no corrosion, Beads and other signs. The cable section of the water at the end should be taken, as appropriate, and the tidal cable section should be cut off.

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