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Cable Accessories Basic Technical Points
May 10, 2017

Cable accessories are an integral part of cable lines, and cables are not working without accessories. Complete the transmission task is composed of cable and accessories of the cable line as a whole. It can be said that the cable accessories are a continuation of the cable function. Cable Accessories The requirements of the cable body, such as the conductor cross-section and surface characteristics, semiconducting layers, metal shields, insulation and sheathing, are also applicable to cable accessories, especially intermediate fittings, Part should correspond to all parts of the cable. The terminal is basically the same, but the external insulation has a special.

Power Cable Accessories Technology Essentials:

1) from the electric field distribution and its Cable Accessories improvement measures to consider (ie, structural design), to improve the electric field distribution of the main technology is to solve the attachment on the stress concentration problem processing technology. The main methods are:

A. Geometric structure method, increase Cable Accessories the equivalent radius, that is, the stress cone structure;

B. The electrical parameter method, which increases the dielectric constant of the surrounding medium and the surface capacitance, ie the stress tube structure;

C. Geometry and electrical parameters.

2) to improve the insulation strength Cable Accessories to consider (that is, material selection and improvement). The main technologies are:

A. Eliminate the possibility of air gap and impurities in the site, in particular, two kinds of insulating materials at the interface of impurities and air gap, with high electrical strength of the material instead of low electrical strength of the material, such as filling the air gap with silicone grease.

B. Increase the pressure at the interface of the two insulating materials to increase the electrical strength.

C. With the semi-conductive shield to cover the air gap outside the workplace, but also improve the surface of the electric field distribution.

Cable accessories quality factors are diverse, in principle, the following aspects:

1, electrical performance. Electrical performance is the primary principle of judging the quality of cable accessories. The main consideration of the cable distribution of the electric field is reasonable, to improve the distribution of the electric field is appropriate, the electrical strength of the material, dielectric loss and product insulation margin. At the same time, the stability of electrical properties, Cable Accessories including the chemical properties of the cable attachment material, the stability of the physical properties and the structure, such as the stability of the stress control material, the deformation of the stress cone, the cable insulation retraction, Distribution of the impact and prevention measures, the compatibility of various materials, combined with the stability of interface performance. In addition, the thermal performance of the cable accessories, such as dielectric loss, contact resistance of the conductor connection and its stability, the conduction release of heat, the Cable Accessories influence of thermal expansion and contraction on the electrical and mechanical properties of the components, should also be taken into account.

2, sealing performance. Sealed moisture resistance directly affects the electrical performance and service life of the cable accessories. Whether the terminal seal structure is reliable and stable. In general, the middle connector should also have a metal-proof housing that is matched with it, especially buried or used in a humid environment.

3, mechanical properties. The terminal should have enough bending, shock ability. Intermediate joints should be able to withstand a certain amount of tension and to prevent external damage measures.

4, process performance. Process performance is an important condition for the design and selection of cable accessories. The installation process should be as simple as Cable Accessories possible. It is convenient for on-site construction and short construction period. It is not required to meet the requirements of the environment and the technical level of the workers. The installation quality is easy to control and the quality is reliable.

5, the manufacturer's quality assurance system. When the prefabricated cable accessories are shipped from the factory, the manufacturer provides parts such as rubber prefabricated parts, prefabricated stress cone, porcelain sleeve, shell, impregnating agent, etc., and are assembled into Cable Accessories the whole terminal or connector when installed in the field. Therefore, The quality of the manufacturing and the installation process are directly related to the final quality of the product.

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