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Cable Accessories Annex Development
Jul 25, 2017

High-voltage cable accessories are developed by the low-pressure accessories. Cable Accessories Therefore, 110kV and above cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable terminal and the middle of the varieties, Cable Accessories and 35kV and below the cable terminal and the middle of the similar varieties.

110kV and above cross-linked cable terminal of the main varieties for the outdoor terminal,Cable Accessories GIS terminal (installed in the closed combination of electrical appliances, Cable Accessories also known as SF6 gas terminal) and transformer terminals (installed in the transformer tank, also known as oil terminal).

At present, the external 110 ~ 345kV voltage level with the main type of cross-linked cable terminal for the prefabricated rubber stress cone terminal (referred to as prefabricated terminal), Cable Accessories higher voltage grade cross-linked cable terminal using silicone oil impregnated film capacitor cone terminal (referred to as the capacitor cone terminal ). Early in the 110kV voltage level has been used around the other types of terminals, and now has been rarely used.

110kV and above cross-linked cable intermediate connector, Cable Accessories according to his function, to the cable metal sheath, grounding shield and insulation shield on the electrical disconnect or continuous into insulation joints and through joints. (TJ), molded molded joint (TMJ), Cable Accessories extruded molded joint (EMJ), preformed connector (PJ), etc., in the case of insulated connections or through fittings Types of.

China's new high-voltage cable construction projects, Cable Accessories mostly using prefabricated cable accessories. There are many types of prefabricated cable terminations, Cable Accessories and the following are the main types of popular terminals and their structural characteristics.

The traditional prefabricated terminal insulator uses a prefabricated stress cone to control the electric field, and the outer insulation is a porcelain sleeve (or epoxy casing), Cable Accessories as shown in Fig. Between the casing and the stress cone are generally filled with silicone oil or polybutylene, polyisobutylene and the like insulating oil. At the time of shipment, Cable Accessories the manufacturer provides parts such as rubber prefabricated stress cone, porcelain sleeve, insulating oil and other parts, and then assembled into the terminal when installed in the field.

Europe and the United States in some countries of the cable manufacturers, such as China's users familiar with the Swiss Brugg, Italy Pirelli, Cable Accessories France Nexans, Germany Siemens and other companies and China's Shenyang Cable Factory, Shanghai Sanyuan Cable Annex Company, Beijing Guodian four-dimensional power technology companies have this structure product. Its outer insulation is porcelain sets (GIS terminals generally use epoxy casing). Internal insulation is a synthetic rubber (silicone rubber or ethylene propylene rubber) pre-molded stress cone, Cable Accessories porcelain sleeve (or epoxy casing) into the synthetic insulating oil.

A set of mechanical spring means is added to the stress cone to maintain a constant stress at the interface between the stress cone and the cable, Cable Accessories to cope with changes in the interfacial pressure that may be caused by the aging of the rubber stress cone under high and thermal fields ( relaxation).

This structure also has a very important feature, Cable Accessories its stress cone and impregnated oil is basically isolated, thus overcoming the possibility of stress cone material swelling. Japan and South Korea's cable manufacturers use this structure. China's Changsha, Hunan Cable Accessories company's products is this structure.

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