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AC Voltage Stabilizer Type More
Oct 17, 2017

The ac voltage is adjusted and controlled, and the voltage regulation can stabilize the output voltage in the specified range of electrical equipment within the specified voltage input range.

No doubt there are many types of ac voltage stabilizer, the working principle of the main circuit is different, but basically (ac voltage regulator parameters) are basically switch input sampling circuit, control circuit, voltage regulator, the output protection device, driving device, display and composition, the basic working principle block diagram is as follows:

1. Input switch: as the voltage regulator enters the work switch, it is generally used to use the air switch small circuit breaker with limited flow protection, which can be correct

The voltage stabilizer and the electric equipment are protective.

2. Voltage regulation device: a device that can adjust the output voltage, which can raise or decrease the output voltage is the main component of the regulator.

3. Sampling circuit: it detects the output voltage and current of the voltage regulator, and transfers the output voltage to the control circuit.

4. Driving device: due to the weak control electrical signal of the control circuit, power amplification and conversion are required by the driving device.

5. Drive protection device: a device for connecting and disconnecting the regulator, commonly used relays or contacts or insurers.

6, control circuit, it will be sampling circuit detection model is analyzed, when the output voltage on the high side, then send driving devices would reduce voltage control signal, the driver will drive down the output voltage, voltage regulating device when the output voltage on the low side, then send to the voltage control signal to the drive, the driver will drive voltage regulating device will be reset to higher output voltage, the output voltage stability is made to reach the purpose of stable output.

When the output voltage or current exceeds the control range of the regulator. Control circuit to control the protection device to disconnect the output and protection of electric equipment, and in the normal output output protection device is connected, when can get the stable voltage supply electrical equipment.

Electronic devices that provide stable ac power for the load. Also called ac voltage stabilizer. The parameters and quality indicators of ac regulated power supply can be seen in dc voltage stabilizer. All kinds of electronic equipment requires a relatively stable ac power supply, especially after the computer technology is applied to various fields, USES directly by the alternating current power supply and does not take any measures methods cannot meet the need.

Ac power supply is widely used and has many types. It can be divided into the following six types.

Ferroresonance ac stabilizer: ac stabilizer which is made by using the saturated choke coil and the corresponding capacitor combination. Magnetic saturation is the early typical structure of this type of stabilizer. It has simple structure, convenient manufacturing, wide range of input voltage, reliable work, and strong overload ability. However, the waveform is more distorted and less stable. The stabilized voltage transformer is also a power supply device which USES the nonlinear of electromagnetic element to realize the stabilizing effect. The difference between it and the magnetic saturation voltage stabilizer lies in the different form of the magnetic circuit structure, while the basic working principle is the same. It has a dual function of stable pressure and variable pressure on an iron core, so it is better than normal power transformer and magnetic saturation voltage stabilizer.

Magnetic amplifier type ac stabilizer: the magnetic amplifier is connected with the autotransformer, and the impedance of the magnetic amplifier is changed by the electronic circuit to stabilize the output voltage. Its circuit form can be linear amplification, or it can be pulse width modulation. This type of stabilizer has a closed-loop system with feedback control, so the stability is high and the output waveform is good. However, the recovery time is longer due to the adoption of a larger magnetic amplifier. The anti-interference ability is poor because of the auto-coupling method.

The sliding type ac voltage stabilizer: it is used to change the position of the sliding contact position of the transformer to obtain the stable device of the output voltage, which is the automatic regulating voltage ac stabilizer driven by the servo motor. This type of voltage stabilizer is efficient, the output voltage waveform is good, there is no special requirement for the load property. But the stability is low, the recovery time is longer.

Induction ac voltage stabilizer: a device for stabilizing the output ac voltage by changing the phase difference between the secondary voltage of the transformer and the primary voltage. It is structurally similar to a wire wound asynchronous motor, which is similar to the induction regulator. It has a wide range of voltage, good output voltage waveform, and power of hundreds of kilowatts. However, because the rotor is often in a blocked state, the power consumption is large and the efficiency is low. Due to the copper and iron materials, less production.

The ac voltage regulator of the thyristor: the ac voltage regulator with the thyristor for power adjustment. It has the advantages of high stability, fast response and no noise. However, due to the damage to the municipal electric waveform, the communication equipment and electronic equipment caused interference.

Relay1 ac voltage stabilizer: ac regulator for adjusting the winding of autotransformer. It has the advantages of low voltage stability, quick response and low production cost. Used in street lighting and more remote homes.

With the development of power technology, the following three kinds of new ac stabilized power supply have emerged in the 1980s. The compensative ac stabilizer: also known as partial adjustable voltage stabilizer. Concatenated using the additional compensation transformer voltage between the source and load as the input voltage of the high and low, with intermittent type ac switch (contactor or thyristor) or with continuous servo motor to change the size of the additional voltage and polarity, the input voltage is higher than some part (or lack of) minus (or add), so as to achieve voltage regulation purposes. The compensation transformer capacity is only about 1/7 of the output power, which has the advantages of simple structure and low cost, but not high stability. (2) numerical control type ac voltage stabilizer and stepping type stabilizer: composed of logic element or microprocessor control circuit, according to the input voltage switching transformer primary number of turns, make the output voltage stability. Purifying ac stabilizer: due to good isolation, it can eliminate the peak interference from the power grid and get the application.

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