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MOA brief introduction
Jan 13, 2017

1) is used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage damage and limit the flow of time is also used to assign values to limit the continued flow of an appliance. This term can include when you run the installation for the electrical equipment necessary for the normal functioning of any external, regardless of whether it is as a part of the whole.

Note 1: surge arresters are usually connected to the power grids between the wire and the ground wire, but sometimes also connections between electrical windings, or wire.

Note 2: the surge arresters are sometimes called overvoltage protection, over voltage limiter (surge divider).

Excerpted from: the electrical term of surge arresters, low voltage surge protective devices and components, GB/t 2900.12-2008.

2) arresters are communication cables to prevent lightning damage is often another important piece of equipment.

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