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Installation of the power distribution box
Jan 13, 2017

1) application distribution box made of nonflammable materials.

2) electric shock hazard small production sites and offices, open-style power distribution Board can be installed.

3) risk of electric shock or low-income processing workshop, casting, forging, heat treating, boiler room, woodwork room and other places, should be installed at closed cabinet.

4) flammable gas produced by conductive dust or hazardous workplaces, closed or explosion-proof electrical installations must be installed.

5) distribution box the electrical components, instruments, switches and lines should be aligned, securely, easy to operate (box) should be free of dust, water and debris.

6) Pedestal mounted cabinets (box) bottom above ground 50~100 mm; operating handle Center height is generally 1.2~1.5M; case (box) no obstructions within the front 0.8~1.2m.

7) protection cable is connected securely.

8) cabinets (box) there shall be charged body exposed naked outside must be installed in the Cabinet (box) on the external surface or Panel of electrical components, must have reliable sequestering.

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